foster frenchie


  Age: 2 years old

  Breed: French Bulldog 

  Sex: Female/Red-Brown

  Weight: 24

  Kids: N/A

  Cats: N/A

  Dogs:  Yes

  Yard: N/A

  Location: Florida





Welcome, Penny!

Penny arrived at the POND after a few stressful situations with the resident dogs over guarding her mom. The owner (wheelchair) could not help the situation, so felt it was in Penny's best interest to have a loving home with no stress.  

Penny is an absolute delight.  She is currently completing her medical and behavior vetting. Living her best life is just beginning for Penny.

If you can spare a bit for Penny please


This little red-head like most is a somewhat shy. With an experienced and patience leader, Penny will warmup slowly and show her eternal flame. Although Penny's heart is in the right place, her traditional "bull-dog" protection tendencies are at times on display.  She corrects easily with firm and loving direction. Penny loves to play with other dogs and tolerates their personalities quite well. She like the couch, but loves to play and engage in true FB-dog "zoomies. She is a trustworthy dog and enjoys people. Older children will fit with Penny better. Cats not tested.



If you would like to SPONSOR Penny

 during her stay at the Pond, please email:


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