available frenchie



French bulldog, Female, Blk Fawn, 3 y/o


  Age: 3 years old

  Breed: French Bulldog 

  Sex: Female/Fawn Blk Mst.


  Kids: Yes. maybe over 5 y/o

  Cats: Possibly

  Dogs:  Yes

  Yard: Possibly

  Location: New Jersey




Welcome Little June,

Sometimes changes are hard for humans, but they are also hard for dogs. Along comes a new member to the family-a  partner, a baby, another dog, or another animal.  Suddenly, all the attention is directed to that new addition.  They squeeze those chubby checks, rock and cuddle that sweet new addition, and even give it your place on the bed.  But what about the dog that has already lived as part of the family for a number of years? The one that shared all those great moments as a member of the family? What about that comical, cute, pudgy face with the clown personality? They suddenly loose their family and their home.

And that is Little June's story. A well-bred dog, clear health tests and UTD on everything, suddenly becomes an unbalanced dog when a new member arrives.  She was fine with all the other children, but the last one sent June packing her bags.

Well, June has arrived at the Pond where she will find her balance once again.  And, the Ponders will find her a home to love her forever.


Just remember the first month for a dog is an anxious one, a nervous one. The second month is learning to relax, and the third is "I have arrived."

Yes, June has arrived a little nervous and little anxious, but don't count her out.  She might be skittish about car rides, and a little unsure of the vacuum, and worried about the family dog at meal time, but that doesn't mean things won't change with a little help. So, pull up your chair ponders and pass this girl around for some snuggles cause she is a keeper.

In the meantime, if you can spare a few coins to help June transition into foster care as part of her journey here at the Pond, please donate to her.


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