available frenchie




  Age: 3 y/o

  Breed: French Bulldog  

  Sex: Female

  Weight: 22 LBS

  Kids: Yes

  Cats: Probably not

  Dogs: Maybe larger ones

  Yard: Yes

  Location: GA


 Iris is a very loving dog, who enjoys a good brisk walk and is great on a leash.  She has an abundance of energy. One of her specialties is to zoom through the house early in the morning, shaking everyone out of bed. Of course, Iris is full of laughter at her shenanigans, which brings out the French happy dancing You know when you are the smartest French cookie in the box, you master everything fast like the doggy door and all those good instructions.  Well a good recipe for Iris, "The Fleur", is a strong bulldog experienced leader, who will curb Iris's the tendencies to be the boss and take control over everything.  A furever family who will shower her with firm love, keep her in line and out of harm's way, but mostly happy.