available frenchie


  Age: 4 y/o

  Breed: French Bulldog  

  Sex: Male

  Weight: 39 lb

  Kids: Must be over 10

  Cats: N/A

  Dogs:  Yes

  Yard: Fenced

  Location: FL


How cutie is this boy is!! Trevor is a 4 y/o male, full of love and sweetness.  At the age of 2, Trevor suffered  a back-injury.  The surgery left Trevor incontinent and slightly wobbly and unstable.  He does very well, but caution should be taken with big dogs, jumping off couches and beds is a big no-no, and children under 10 years old are not recommended for this love bug.  He is UTD with shorts and he is neutered.

Oh, by-the-way, Trevor likes to play ball!!