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Bean at 2.2lbs.  Almost 1 "big Kilo!!

Bean at 2.2lbs. Almost 1 "big Kilo!!

I Got My Shot!!

I Got My Shot!!


  Age: 11 weeks

  Breed: French Bulldog / Special Needs 

  Sex: Male/Cream

  Weight:  .7 lb

  Kids: N/A


  Dogs:  N/A

  Yard: N/A

  Location: Florida


Sweet little Benzo is a special needs (hydrocephalus) puppy.   He was rescued by F.R.O.G.S.from a Miami shelter as a tiny little pup. Benzo met with his neurologist, who suggests improving his weight-he eats like a little piglet, so that should add a few pounds- he has an open fontal, so it keeps the pressure off his brain for now, and he is maintaining a good level of hydration.  Little Benzo is feeling happy and relaxed in his new home, so play is becoming a top priority for him.

Benzo is in foster care with an experienced volunteer, so he isn't available at this time. 

If you would like to donate to his care and medical expenses, please head over to the donate page and select your method of donating.