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"Fill up the Bowl"





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The F.R.O.G.S. Story

Here's the story, of a lovely lady,

who had Frenchies of her own.

all of them were once rescues -

now they all have a juicy bone.

and the finest doggy menus.

Then one day this lady had a feeling.

and she knew it was much more than an hunch,

That many little frenchies needed healing,

and she must help this little bunch.

Of course, this lovely lady

would call upon the pond,

so many admired m'lady

and helped her wave her magic wand

to bring these little frenchies

to new lily pads and bond.

That's how we became the  happy F.R.O.G.S



We Have A Dream


We dream of homes where our owners will shower us with love by cuddling, comforting, playing, providing good food, clean water, and anything else we need to be happy and healthy. 


We, Frenchies, believe that there are furever families just a click away from saying:  “Home at last, Frenchie..  We shall have a blast.” 

-  Adopted Frenchie